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Top 5 Favorites

BanG Dream!

Hina, Sayo, Kaoru, Aya, Arisa

Love Live!

Hanayo, Hanamaru, Nico, You, Rin

Idolm@ster CGSS

Momoka, Arisu, Uzuki, Aiko, Anzu

Revue Starlight

Ichie, Nana, Kaoruko, Junna, Hikari


Pineapple Cake, Urara, Marry, Isabelle, Yuri, Miku, Sayaka Maizono, Sayaka Miki, Sayu, Kagami


Besides BanG Dream!, Love Live! and CGSS, I also like

Battle Girl High School, Kagerou Project, Angel Beats!, Vocaloid, Danganronpa, Lucky Star, Another, Madoka Magica, Owari no Seraph, Revue Staralight, Re:Stage, Warrior Cats

Food Fantasy, Love Nikki, BGHS, Magia Record, SIF, Garupa, Starira, Re:Stage



I'm Kanna, but some people know me as Toki(meki), others call me Kodu. I'm a self-proclaimed big anime fan who lovemails the Hikawas and Hanayo! feel free to DM me if you want my friend IDs or just want to chat~
also stan spinach

I edit, draw, basic code, and translate in my free time.

Before You Follow

I keyboard smash very often - I'm not comfortable with Incest/Pedophilia, if you support it, then please don't follow
- I do curse and type in caps sometimes, please be aware of that
- I'm not good at putting things into words